What is Brain Training?

Brain Training is a simple and proven way to improve core learning abilities to achieve faster, easier, and more efficient learning.  The brain is deeply involved in everything we do, think, or feel.  Ingenious Brainery's programs enhance core brain skills that help us perceive, process, and use information.  We are determined to help people of all ages reach their full brain potential. 

Does Your Child Display Any of These Common Signs of Learning Difficulties?

Causes and Consequences

Research shows that roughly 80% of learning difficulties among students and adults = are the direct consequence of Cognitive Skills Weakness. 

There Is No Need to Struggle Any Longer

"Ingenious Brainery is a training center that offers unique programs that dramatically enhance learning abilities 

for both struggling and advanced students." 

Three Steps to Effective Brain Training:

Our effective, results driven Brain Training Identifies the cause of the problem through testing

Our training center that offers unique programs that dramatically enhance learning abilities for both struggling and advanced students. 

Cognitive Skills Are Trainable

We know that cognitive skills can be enhanced not only because we can see the changes through observation and test, 

but also because there is evidence derived from brain research as well. 

Just what are cognitive skills, and how do they impact learning? 

Cognitive skills process new and recalled information. Our Knowledge Bank stores and distributes information we have already processed. Information becomes knowledge using a path that relies on individual cognitive skills such as auditory and visual processing and memory. Different skill combinations are required by different learning challenges. if required skills are weak, learning based on that particular skill will be hindered. 

What happen to the brain during brain training? 

Because the brain possesses a lifelong characteristic called “neuroplasticity”—and because our programs strengthen the cognitive skills that make it possible to think, learn and remember—almost anyone can benefit from our programs. In everyday language, neuroplasticity means the brain’s abilities are not “set in stone”—brain skills can be improved at any age and stage in life. And neurostudies continue to document that intense mental activity stimulates the brain to make these kinds of improvements.